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Compassionate Advocacy For Family Law And Domestic Relations

Family law matters can involve a number of issues such as Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Emancipation, Legal Separation, Parenting Time, Paternity and Spousal Support. These domestic relations matters are some of the most personal and emotionally involved matters you may face. Our attorneys are experienced and prepared to guide you through the legal processes involved in family law by providing a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach while ensuring you receive the support and respect you deserve. Our goal is to provide the resolution best suited for you and your family. We are prepared to work with you through a negotiated or mediated settlement of issues or represent you in court when necessary.

Effective Divorce Representation

The legal term for divorce in Indiana is “dissolution of marriage,” wherein the marriage is being dissolved. Indiana is generally considered a “no-fault state,” so while it is unnecessary to prove fault by one party or the other there are factors that can affect the outcome of your division of assets and debts and issues involving your children. Our attorneys will explore these factors to ensure the most equitable outcome while striving to make sure your interests are protected.

By Your Side During Child Custody Matters

Child custody can be extremely emotional and are often the most important issues you face in the event of a divorce or establishing paternity of a child born out of wedlock. Our attorneys work with you, to determine the best interests of the child in harmony with your objectives as our client so that a proper custody determination is made that will allow the child to thrive with the participation of the parents to the appropriate degree. We will consider negotiated custody arrangements or formal custody evaluations to make the best optimal determination for you and your children.

Child Support Issues Can Be Contentious

Child support and modification issues arise not only in divorce cases, but also in other domestic cases, such as paternity, post-dissolution, parenting time, and emancipation. Courts are required to ensure that t parents adequately support their own children rather than state taxpayers. Child support matters may also involve issues involving health insurance, uninsured medical expenses, and primary,secondary, and college costs. Our attorneys are experienced in all of these legal intricacies. Strengthen your case by using one of our knowledgeable lawyers today.

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