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Wrongful death in Indiana

When a loved one tragically passes, those left behind often struggle to make sense of their loss. It is a profound emotional challenge to try and move on after the unexpected death of someone you love. Grief makes it hard for you to take care of yourself and those that depend upon you. In Indiana, those affected by the death of a loved one can sometimes take civil action against the party that negligently caused their loved one’s death. A wrongful death lawsuit brought by the representative of...

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Three tips to help ease the stress that comes with divorce

Divorce is a legal process that results in the end of a marriage. Although this definition is accurate, it does not fully embody the truth of divorce. It is more than just the end of a legal contract; it is the end of a personal relationship. Those who are moving forward with a divorce can benefit from taking action to protect their interests during the divorce process. The following tips can help. #1: Know what you want. It is a good idea to step back and take a look at your life before you...

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Study: Car ‘safety’ systems can lead to distracted driving

Automakers continue to offer partially autonomous driving systems that affect a vehicle’s speed, braking and steering. While manufacturers tout the safety benefits of these systems, researchers say “not so fast.” A recent investigation by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows some of these systems may be lulling drivers into a false sense of security and encouraging distractions while they’re behind the wheel. Research focuses on two automated systems The IIHS teamed with the...

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How does Indiana determine physical custody?

When going through the divorce process, you’ll soon find yourself pondering the impact on your children. For example, you’ll wonder what you can do to obtain physical custody of your children. While there is no way of knowing exactly what will happen during the divorce process, there are things you can do to maintain a high level of confidence. Above all else, educate yourself about the family law system in Indiana, which will help you better understand how physical custody is determined. In...

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What should you do after an automobile accident?

In the moments and minutes immediately after a car accident, you might not realize the severity of your injuries. An auto accident is a tremendously jarring experience, and when shock sets in, you might not experience the pain and trauma from an injury until that shock wears off. In these first moments, it is vital that you assess your situation, the injuries to you and any passengers, and your orientation on the road or an adjacent area to determine whether that position presents an immediate...

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